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What are classes?

Not all sexypeople are on the same level. We use terms shamelessly stolen from the SCP Wiki to separate the legends from the minor characters. Classes are applied based on a character's level of popularity at the peak of their sexyfication so if a character loses popularity, please don't downgrade their class.

Editor's note: We're still fine-tuning these definitions, especially Safe, Neutralized and Thaumiel. They may shift and input is welcome.

Official Classes


Once-in-a-generation phenomena.

Sexymen Example(s): The Onceler, Sans (these are the only apollyon sexymen to date.)

Sexywomen Example(s): N/A


The notoriety of these characters escapes beyond their fandom, usually through jokes. People know these, even outside of their fandom.

Sexymen Example(s): Bill Cipher, Komaeda

Sexywomen Example(s): Sketchbook, Spinel


Unmistakably sexypeople, but are contained within their fandom. Known to many inside the fandom but generally not outside.

Sexymen Example(s): Professor Membrane, Dr. Clef

Sexywomen Example(s): Miss Pauling, Doc Ock


Never quite reached widespread sexyperson status in their fandom for whatever reason- maybe their fanbase is extremely small, or has a large volume of casual fans or fans with different tastes that drown out the ones making sexyperson content- but are still sexyperson in their niche.

Sexymen Example(s): Four, Garry

Sexywomen Example(s): Miss Undertaker, Lady Luck


Could have been a sexyperson, may have been preemptively joked about or called out as a sexyperson, but were actively averted because of this knowledge. Likely still sexyified in places, but prevented from reaching their full potential extent.

Sexymen Example(s): Benry, Two

Sexywomen Example(s): Scarlet Overkill


Also "sexyperson in another timeline." Has all the trappings of a potential sexyperson, but never quite became one for whatever reason, such as obscurity, a fanbase with different tastes, or being paired off.

Note: Because of how little the sexywoman archetype actually pops up, the only sexywoman who is ever considered neutralized is V*ggie from Hazbin Hotel. Everyone else is Safe or higher.

Note 2: Since Neutralized sexypeople don't have the fandom of an actual one, we are currently trying to phase out the category. It is not encouraged to add a page for a Neutralized sexyperson unless you get direct approval to do so.

Sexymen Examples(s): Ankh

Sexywomen Example(s): V*ggie


MASSIVE work in progress. Basically, this category is for characters who, well...they count; they fit the tropes and very clearly have the audience, but are also very clearly designed to be attractive in some way. In other words, they're bait. Pops up more in sexywomen than sexymen due to the "HUH" factor limiting the latter.

Sexymen Example(s): N/A

Sexywomen Example(s): N/A

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