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Fuck yes Dr. Clef belongs on the tumblr sexyman wiki. I imagined him as this horrible unkempt gremlin of a borderline-unloveable asshole, and tumblr turned him into a good dad and loving boyfriend with washboard abs and three soulful eyes.

Doctor Alto Clef is a member of senior research staff at the fictional SCP Foundation. He is the author avatar of user DrClef.

Basic Information

The nature of the SCP Wiki is such that there is no canon for Clef or any other recurring character, and his characterization tends to vary based on author. However, he is widely considered to be extremely powerful (according to some stories, he is a Type Green, or a reality bender), and is known for his morally questionable choices, both in service of his employer (itself morally gray) and against its wishes. His sexuality is depicted differently depending on the author as well, at times he's depicted as asexual, potentially had a child with a nature goddess and/or another reality bender, and has been depicted as being in a relationship with fellow researcher Dr. Benjamin Kondraki.


Power (All-Powerful)

Some articles on the SCP Wiki depict Dr. Clef as a reality bender; a being who can shape existence itself and bend it to his own will. Due to the lack of canon on the wiki, this is not always the case.

He's rather consistently described as a human reality anchor of sorts, in that he has above average resistance to reality-restructuring scenarios and reality bender attacks.

In the lolFoundation canon, he alongside the other senior staff avatars and a few SCPs were granted reality bending abilities by a reality bender named Fritz. In this canon, the world is now shaped entirely to their desires while they are seemingly unaware of that they even have these abilities and of the harm they're causing to others. "People can be living an ordinary life one moment and be smote by the vengeance of Clef the next."


Dr. Clef is commonly shipped with Dr. Kondraki within the SCP community, and the two have been depicted as dating in tales written by a variety of authors. This is most prevalent in the Ship In A Bottle canon, in which it is a requirement for Clef and Kondraki to be dating or have dated previously for articles written to be included the canon, although it is stated, "It doesn't need to be super explicit, it's just a Thing." DrClef himself wrote a tale for this canon, titled Third Date.

Father Figure

Dr. Clef is the father of SCP-166, and will go out of his way to protect her. Under the alias Agent Ukelele, Clef previously worked for the Global Occult Coalition (aka the GOC), an organisation dedicated to destroying anomalies, however he defected to the SCP Foundation after the GOC sent him on a mission to kill 166. He offered them valuable GOC intelligence in exchange for his daughter's safety. Although he's no longer allowed contact with 166, he did manage to sneak in a letter to her which can be found at the end of her file.

Feral Scientist

He's a scientist for the SCP Foundation. While not all of the Foundation's scientists are feral, Clef definitely is.

Monster Features

Dr Clef's Personnel File describes Clef as having one green eye, one blue eye and one hazel eye, implying that he has three.

He's commonly depicted has having unusually sharp teeth.

Eye Imagery

Due to his personnel file implying he has three eyes, the presence of a third eye is common in designs for Clef and he is commonly associated with imagery of eyes. However, the files goes on to say that the pupils of "both" his eyes seem to absorb all light that fall upon them, leaving it unclear how many eyes he truly has.

Unkempt Man / DILF

He's often depicted as a dirty middle-aged man, although these traits are often ignored by his sexyman following.


Although designs depicting Clef as a person of color do exist, he is most commonly portrayed as white.

Sexification Notes

Despite his frequent canon descriptions as ugly, he is often drawn as much prettier, younger, and thinner than he is. Any drawings of him with monstrous features (three eyes, sharp teeth, etc.) are arguably canon. His personnel file describes him as having three eyes (one blue, one green, one hazel) and a grin like the Cheshire Cat. Like most if not all researchers at the SCP Foundation, he is a feral scientist.

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