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Often there are cases in which a character falls under tropes of a sexyperson, but aren't one in proper. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as overpopularity of a franchise or simply not fitting the definition. This list consists of characters which have been submitted to this wiki before, but had their pages removed. Reasons are listed.

Additionally, any character from media that is predominantly NSFW as the main point of consuming it is not allowed.

Image Character Series Reason for Exclusion
Janus Sanders.jpg Janus Sanders Sanders Sides Falls under the "Real Person" rule.
Character Kaeya Card2.png Kaeya Alberich Genshin Impact Genshin Impact is both a gacha game and wildly popular. The characters are designed to be desirable. Despite fitting traits, this character is too overexposed for the title.
Jerma.jpg Jerma985 Jerma985 This is a real-ass dude. Yes, him being on this wiki would be very funny but he still would fall under the "Real Person" rule.
DioP2.png Dio Brando Jojo's Bizarre Adventure When I said "on sight," I MEANT on sight. Too conventionally attractive to be a sexyman, please don't try this again.
345339655032211.webp Daddy Dearest Friday Night Funkin Designed to be conventionally attractive. This is just a standard DILF.
Senpai.png Senpai Friday Night Funkin Again, designed to be conventionally attractive. This time it's literally the entire point of his character.
Dream DreamSMP This is a real ass person, dude! (Furthermore, all other characters from DreamSMP are not allowed for this reason.)
Kamal Bora Smile for Me Because, let's be real, some of these aren't sexymen. They're just your favorite characters you wanted to slap the label onto.
Heheheheehe.png Pinky Suavo Pinky and the Brain Is there an argument for him to be a sexyman? Yes; we reached that conclusion on our own after some research. However, since the response of his fans was not to actually give evidence and help us out, but rather to vandalize pages and spam the comment section of this page to try and force us to give him a page, he stays here as a lesson. Don't resort to vandalism and trolling to get your way, or else your sexyman will end up here.
Starry Night.jpg
The Starry Night Van Gogh ...This is not a sexyperson. However, this page was so funny that we archived it, and it can be viewed here.
Ankha .png
Ankha Animal Crossing We know exactly why you want to put this character here. Don't.