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Raymond is a villager from the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is a cat of the smug personality, and in a relatively short amount of time, he's reached peak levels of sexyman across the entire internet.

Basic Information

As an Animal Crossing villager, he can live in the player's town and own a house, and he will interact with the player if talked to. He is of the "smug" personality, one of 8 personalities in the game, and because of this he will talk about how much he loves being a fashionable hipster. Smug personalities will also occasionally flirt with the player, regardless of gender.

Raymond is a cat with glasses, bangs, a waistcoat, and heterochromia. The player is able to alter the way villagers dress, leading a mass amount of people to put him in a maid's dress. The inside of his house looks like a small office, and his catchphrase is "crisp". His birthday is October 1st, his skill is "rapping", and his goal is to be a fashion designer. According to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, he needs everything to be neat and tidy, or he won't get any work done.



Raymond is a cat.


His default outfit is a waistcoat, and his preferred styles of clothing are "elegant" and "cool".

White Twink Humanization

Despite the internet's best efforts to characterize Raymond as being a middle aged business man, a lot of fans can't stop drawing him as a white twink.


A characteristic of the smug personality is that they'll flirt with the player a little, regardless of gender. This leads to fans depicting him as being gay or bi. One of the major factors in Raymond's popularity was the decision to dress him up as a maid, so he is heavily associated with gender nonconformity as well.

Ensemble Darkhorse

Listen, there's no way in hell Nintendo when making their cute little animal village game at any point looked at Raymond and went "Yes, millions of people across the internet will be insatiably horny for this random cat villager that's functionally identical to all the other smug villagers who only exists to fill out the roster of prenamed characters to collect and display like trophies, to the point where an honest-to-god black market for him will form rapidly reaching it's peak selling him for thousands of dollars on twitter and then crashing and burning from hackers and scams within a matter of weeks. This is absolutely what we think the fan response to him will be like."

Eye Imagery

One of the first things fans noticed about Raymond was his heterochromia. He has one brown eye and one green eye.

Fan Reception

Raymond dancing in a maid dress in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The gif that started it all

The internet hasn't been quite the same since Raymond. People already started to hype up the cat after seeing blurry pictures of him in teaser photos for New Horizons, noticing he was a cat with glasses and heterochromia. After the game came out, however, the thirst only escalated. Having no easy way to obtain him, fans went ballistic trying to find him so they could have him in their town. He's become a commodity on the trading site Nookazon, his average price being at least 1,000,000 bells (the in-game currency) for villager trading. This led to the phrase "Raymond in boxes", which means someone has him ready to move out. Some people took advantage of his popularity and listed him for trading at ridiculous prices, and some people have been combating this by depicting Raymond as a sad little cat getting passed around.

Of course, one of the most notorious parts of Raymond's popularity is the maid dress. When Raymond came to Pocket Camp, someone posted a video on Twitter of him wearing a maid outfit and playing a tambourine. It got widely spread, and shortly after, people started making him wear a maid dress in their New Horizons games. This led to an influx of fetishistic fanart of him wearing a maid dress and being embarrassed, some internet groups tried to combat this by making him wear other gender nonconforming clothing and looking happy with himself. Some also attempted to re-characterize him as a middle-aged business man, or like David Byrne in his "Once in a Lifetime" video. Ultimately, these efforts failed to change his reputation, since he's now regarded as a pest and an e-boy by the average internet user. He also represents his fandom's greed and lust, being traded like a commodity for insane amounts of in-game money (and some real money) for looks alone.