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  1. Please only edit in good faith. That means only making changes that you believe will improve the wiki or a page's information about a character.
  2. Try to make a discussion post about characters that you think should be added and get the character approved by an administrator before making a page. It's not the end of the world if you make a page without previously getting that character approved, and the admins will discuss whether the character is a sexyman regardless, but if you make a discussion post prior to page creation, that means that if your character doesn't get approved you won't have a page you've written deleted. In order to have the okay to make a page, your discussion post must have 10 likes and an explanation written for tropes and fanbase.
  3. Please refer to the Forbidden Characters page before making a request for character approval or creating a page.
  4. The initial penalty for vandalism is having edits and account creation prohibited for 1 week. If disruptive behavior continues, you may have your account and IP address permanently blocked from editing.
  5. As of October 2021, characters who are minors are banned from this wiki. Previously they were allowed with a flair that clarified they should not be sexualized anywhere in articles and comments, and were only listed as documentation that they were sexualized by their fandoms.

Help to Properly Assess Sexyperson Potential

What is a Tumblr Sexyman?

To quote the original Sexypedia document, "a tumblr sexyman, by the standards of this document, is a character considered questionable taste to onlookers of the disproportionately large group that considers them sexy." This doesn't mean every white, skinny guy in a suit, like some people seem to think, but character who you really don't expect for people to find attractive. This is why more conventionally attractive characters tend to find themselves on the Forbidden Characters page; it's understandable that someone would go "yeah that guy can get it." Basically, if you want to see if a character is a sexyman, here's a tried and true test: "people are attracted to [x]" "PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTED TO [X]!?". The combination of widespread attraction and the sheer "HUH!?" factor is what makes a sexyman.

What is a Tumblr Sexywoman?

To quote the Sexywomanpedia, "a sexywoman, in the context of this document, is a character who shows the 'lanky suitman villain' tropes, is popular with wlw, and/or is highly divisive. Basically, think Vriska." This sounds simple on paper, but in reality they're a bit harder to define because they're a less common archetype. Even the tried and true "people are attracted to [x]" "PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTED TO X!?" test doesn't work because, unlike their male counterparts, tumblr sexywomen can be conventionally attractive and still qualify as a sexywoman. As a result, trying to determine if a character is a sexywoman is more just. Checking the vibe than anything. Even the size of the fan reaction is a smaller gap to clear because, to quote the Sexywomanpedia again, "plenty of characters on this list don’t actually have much of a following — this is a less common archetype, I had to do some barrel scraping."

What is a Tumblr Sexyperson?

Sexyperson is the least common of these archetypes, and serves as a catchall term for nonbinary characters who fall under these tropes. Not much to say here, as their following and tropes tend to resemble the followings and tropes for either of the above.

So! With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on how to determine if the character you have in mind falls under one of these categories.

What isn't a Sexyperson?

Sometimes a character appeals to different sections of the internet, not necessarily making them a sexyperson.

Furbait - Characters who appeal to the furry community i.e. Lola Bunny, Nick Wilde

Finding Sexypeople in the Wild

Are They Fictional? Which is to say, real people or real people-adjacent characters cannot be sexypeople, no matter how hard you want it. This is less a qualifier and more a rule, but it's put here since it's more relevant to the page-making process. If they're not a real person or uncomfortably blur the lines, then you just have to check with the next two.

Do they fit the tropes? Take a look around this wiki if you need some examples. Be brutally honest with yourself on this one - if they only fit one or two tropes, or the tropes they do fit require a ridiculous amount of stretching, they're probably not a sexyperson, just a normal character. This is why someone like Kamal Bora or Hatsune Miku doesn't qualify; they have the popularity within their circles, but not really any tropes.

Do they have a disproportionately large following who finds them attractive? Basically, just do some digging around your character's tag on various social media sites, you should figure this out pretty quick. Do note this isn't just about popularity, it's about specifically a following of people who find them sexy when. They really aren't. Or in the case of sexywomen, it's not really supposed to be a big draw to the character. This is why someone like Senpai or vanilla Bowsette don't qualify; both are very popular, but Senpai is Just a Guy (yes he's technically a demon or something possessing a guy but this really isn't clear at all to the casual observer), and the typical vanilla Bowsette that's just a Peach palette swap, is, well, as I said, a palette swap of Peach, who is very much Just a Girl, and that's not really solved by giving her minor monster features.

If they fit both the latter qualifiers, they're probably a sexyperson.